Trivia Pipeline DVDs<br>Starting At $49

Trivia Pipeline DVDs
Starting At $49

Bars and Restaurants use Trivia Pipeline to keep their customers entertained so they stay longer and spend more each visit. Your patrons will come back more often as Trivia Pipeline gives your customers another reason to pick your place over the competition.

Trivia Pipeline is a low cost and effective alternative to the expensive buzztime platform and other bar game systems.

Trivia Pipeline allows business owners to establish their own in-house trivia channel by simply playing DVDs on their screens. You can get started with one $49 DVD that is loaded with 8+ hours of fun fast-paced trivia without any advertising. Your patrons will love it just like the 1000's around the country that have been benefiting from Trivia Pipeline for years.

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Trivia Pipeline Delivers To Your Bar Or Restaurant....

  • Hours And Hours

    Insert the dvd and hours of trivia is shown to your patrons. The starter package is loaded with 50 hours so you can rotate the play and it will always be fresh content on your screens.

  • One-Time Purchase

    Trivia Pipeline does not charge you any set-up fee, ongoing maintenance or equipment fees. Simple one time purchase and you can use the DVD's forever.

  • No Advertising

    Your patrons will never see any advertising or interruptions. They will truly be able to entertained every minute while in your establishment.

  • Unlimited Public License

    Trivia Pipeline comes with a full-use public license so you can play it for any sized audience in any public venue (unlike most all other DVDs sold).

  • Highly Entertaining

    Trivia Pipeline was designed after years of testing to deliver the simpliest, most attention-grabbing content. Simple, easy to see and rapid fire is what people say is the most entertaining. Just watch your customers watch Trivia Pipeline.

  • Plays On Any DVD Player

    Trivia Pipeline is delivered on multiple dvds and can connect individually to a single TV or through your video system to multiple TVs.


How is the trivia delivered to me?

Trivia Pipeline comes on standard DVD's. Each DVD contains over 8 hours of unique trivia. You can buy single dvds, 3 dvd or 6 dvd sets for tremendous savings. Check our products page for more details.

How is the game played by my patrons?

Trivia Pipeline is very simple to play along (quite intentionally)... Questions are presented with 4 multiple choice answers. The wrong answers begin to disappear until only the correct answer remains. Each question is delivered and answered in total in about 25 seconds, so the game is very fast paced.

What type of content is in the game?

Trivia Pipeline is sold in two types of versions. Our standard version is the Super Trivia Mix. The trivia covers every possible subject thus giving everyone in the place a chance to get questions correct and keeping everyone entertained. Also available is a custom branded version that we can make the content themed to target your audience and intersperse your own content throughout the video.

What else do I need to run the Trivia on my TV's?

Trivia Pipeline comes on DVD, so you don't need anything other than a standard DVD player and TVs. There is no special hardware to buy or maintain. Your DVD player will play continuous trivia over your in-house TV system, creating your own in-house trivia channel. We make available plenty of trivia, so no one will get bored seeing the same old thing.

Is there any sound on Trivia Pipeline?

Trivia Pipeline is produced without any sound at all. The game is produced so sound is not critical to the game flow at all. In a public venue having sound would be too much of a distraction to the normal course of business that we have kept it out of the game. This is what our customers have asked for, and we provide our customers with what they need.

Do you offer a branded version?

Trivia Pipeline can produce a branded version of our titles for you. We can add in any type of video between the chapters on the DVD. This video can be either supplied by you or created by our staff. It can be full video or simple slide show of graphics. So if you want to put your name up in lights or feature your products and services throughout the game, we can build you a branded version. Contact us if you want to invest in your own success.

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